Henry and Ramona

by Polly Holthaus

Henry and Ramona, a comedy based on the Beverly Cleary books Henry and Beezus, Henry and the Clubhouse, and Henry and the Paper Route is sure to leave you in stitches. From Ramona the Pest to Ribsy the paper stealing, gun shy, lovable dog, this play is sure to keep even the littlest audience members attention.

Klickitat Street is home to snowball fights, clubhouse building, newspaper throwing, and lesson learning. Henry Huggins is desperate to own a paper route and is on a mission to prove the nay-sayers wrong. Ramona the Pest is sure to trip up any process and Ribsy is quick to steal every item that touches the ground. Will Henry Huggins save the day or will Ramona get in the way?

Check it out  March 27th – 28th at 7p, or March 29th at 2pm.


Our Dog Max: Loving and Losing a Cherished Pet

by Annie Brock

I can vividly remember my seventh-grade English teacher breaking down as she read aloud from the final chapters of Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls, the classic tale of a young boy and his beloved coonhounds. There’s a part in the book where the boy has to bury one of his dogs, and as he tamps down the dirt atop the freshly filled grave he says, “You were worth it, old friend, and a thousand times over.”

As she read, my teacher’s voice cracked, tears welled in her eyes, and she quickly excused herself from the classroom. In response, I acted as only a thoughtless, cocky middle-school kid could. I rolled my eyes. I snickered to my friends. I laughed at her. Continue reading Our Dog Max: Loving and Losing a Cherished Pet


an evening with Kelly Corrigan

by Miranda Ericsson Kendall | photo by Drew Altizer, courtesy of kellycorrigan.com

UPDATE as of February 24, 2015: NY Times Bestselling Author Kelly Corrigan’s father is gravely ill, so she has postponed several stops on her “Glitter and Glue for Good” book tour, including this Friday’s event for Topeka Collegiate in order to be with him.

Of course, we wish Kelly Corrigan and her family the best during this time and we will inform readers when a new date is set.

Topeka parents and readers will have an opportunity to be inspired this week when bestselling author Kelly Corrigan stops through as part of her “Glitter and Glue for Good” tour. The event will support financial aid for students of Topeka Collegiate School. Continue reading an evening with Kelly Corrigan


kids who rock: Megan Risetter

More than anything, Megan Risetter wants to touch people with her music.

“For me, there is nothing more moving than a wonderfully-written song, sung by an amazing story teller,” she says. “If listeners aren’t getting anything out of a song except an interesting melody and a cool beat, then what’s the point of singing it?”

Continue reading kids who rock: Megan Risetter


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