soccer on the rise

story by Brett Martin | photography by Megan Rogers | Megan Rogers Photographie

Rising above the tree line along K-10 highway on the western edge of Lawrence, Rock Chalk Park is a premier sports facility that serves as the home for KU Women’s Soccer. It’s been ten years since the KU Women have stood atop the Big 12 Conference, and they are putting together another great season this fall. Continue reading

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kids & money: where does money come from?

by Jim Zimmerman, special to XYZ

When I was growing up, you didn’t open a checking account until you went off to college and somehow you were supposed to know how to use it responsibly. I and many like me survived it, but that sink-or-swim financial philosophy isn’t working for our kids. In 2012, young people ages 22-26 were graduating college with an average of $12,742 in consumer debt, and it is taking them years to pay it off. Continue reading


recipe corner: one pan mexican quinoa

Our recipe guru, Polly, has a real treat for your holiday weekend parties. So get to cooking and be the hit of the crowd when you bring this dish!

Quinoa is a versatile grain high in protein and fiber and a real crowd pleaser. This One Pan Mexican Quinoa can be eaten as a side dish, a main course, or wrapped in a flour/corn tortilla. Best served warm with cool, creamy avocado. Continue reading


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