will work for food

It’s 9:00 am on a Friday near the end of the month, and a row of cars and trucks are parked in front of the Prairie Land Food warehouse at the Forbes Industrial Complex. People are climbing out of their vehicles and heading towards the large open doors as I pull up, so I park and follow along. I find the Prairie Land Food crew and about a dozen volunteers in the loading dock of the warehouse. Continue reading



October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Many resources available in Topeka and Shawnee County give girls and women a chance to reach out for help – help with recognizing the signs of abuse, help with getting away safely, help with building the lives they deserve.

I’m always struck at hearing the experiences women in my circle of friends have endured growing up in abusive homes or in volatile romantic relationships. I recently shared a story on Facebook about a homeless boy beating the odds and excelling at his education. One of my acquaintances, a successful local business owner, read that post and shared something very personal with me. Continue reading


Maxton’s fight goes for the gold

On a particularly steamy August afternoon in Gage Park, little Maxton Prill is busy making dust clouds in the dirt. He looks up wondering, “Daddy will you play on the train with me?” Of course, says dad, Eric Prill, and the pair make their way to the train after carefully wiping Max’s runny nose. He explains that Max has to be careful not to get a fever, especially now that he is back at school. Because you wouldn’t know it just by watching carefree 3-year-old Max in the dirt, but he’s six weeks into the maintenance phase of his cancer treatment.

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