Nora’s Ark: A Jazz Musical

by Cale Herreman

The entire world is flooded.  The only remaining animals, herbivore and carnivore, are sharing a boat.  And there’s no food.  Oops.

This is the situation a few minutes into “Nora’s Ark: the jazz musical,” premiering Friday March 21 at the Helen Hocker Theater.  A modern reimagining of the Biblical story of the flood, it is a fun song and dance show about survival, cooperation, and cute animals.

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young frank smaller

young frankenstein

Young Frankenstein makes its debut February 28 as the 500th stage production at the Topeka Civic Theatre and Academy. This endearingly, captivating musical performance, pays homage to the classic Mel Brooks film.

Warning: This is not a production that I would personally bring my kiddos to in order to broaden their theatre horizons. With some fairly overt adult content (although much of it is intermingled with catchy musical numbers and dancing and could easily be overlooked), this show is probably best for a night out with the pals, or a date night (complete with a sophisticated dinner menu). Continue reading


spring sneak peek!

If we were counting, we’d tell you that there are 21 days, 21 hours, 16 minutes and 7 seconds until the “official” beginning of spring. That is, if we were counting…

Fortunately, we have a solution to your current spring fever. A solution that will bring spring to your hands in less than a week – our new spring issue of XYZ! And folks, it is “springing” forth with all of the usual XYZ goodness and so much more. Whet your whistles with a quick sneak peek! Continue reading


stay-at-home pop culture: red day

blog and photos by Jeff Tigchelaar

The kids and I were out driving around on Valentine’s Day, and I happened to have the camera with me. First, I noticed a strange, towering lamppost on someone’s property (along their driveway) and pulled over to take some pictures. A few seconds later I saw a house with bright red shutters, with…heart-shaped cutouts. I pulled over and took some photos, hoping that I wasn’t being too creepy. Continue reading


Anne of Green Gables

review by Sarah Long

I may be dating myself here, but I have very fond memories of watching Anne of Green Gables on TV growing up.  There was just something about the simpler time and that theatrical, poetic young girl that I loved and related to.  I took my 15-year old and  7-year old daughters to the Topeka Civic Theatre and Academy performance (running February 14 – 23).

I think is says a lot when such a varied age group equally and enthusiastically enjoys a performance. The creative set design (there were even some surprise special effects!) and the inspired costume design made the voyage back to Green Gables an easy one.

I also appreciated that the characters were cast flawlessly.  Anne especially gave an effortless performance.  For anyone looking for an entertaining evening that the whole family can enjoy, go catch one of the amazing performances.

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moms club

story by Nicole Huckins | photos courtesy of MOMS Club of Topeka

SAHMs (stay-at-home moms) know the deal – the days are busy, the chores are many, and the laundry never ends. SAHM’s, however, quickly learn how critical it is to connect with other mothers outside the home, receive support and initiate valuable playtime for their kids.

This is exactly what MOMS Club of Topeka aims to do for SAHMs. MOMS Club (or MOMS Offering Moms Support) was the creation of a SAHM mom in California 30 years ago, and has since grown to 2,000+ chapters. Continue reading


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