recipe corner: one pan mexican quinoa

Our recipe guru, Polly, has a real treat for your holiday weekend parties. So get to cooking and be the hit of the crowd when you bring this dish!

Quinoa is a versatile grain high in protein and fiber and a real crowd pleaser. This One Pan Mexican Quinoa can be eaten as a side dish, a main course, or wrapped in a flour/corn tortilla. Best served warm with cool, creamy avocado. Continue reading

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kids & money: modernized piggy bank

The following is a reprint from an ongoing column that first appeared in our summer 2014 print issue. Special thanks to Junior Achievement of Kansas. Story by Michele C. Hammann, special to XYZ.

When that last school bell rang signaling the first day of summer, it also signaled the first day of my kids’ spending season. When our kids’ free time quadruples in the summer, so do the opportunities for them to spend money. And it’s the little things that can bust the family budget—a $1 iPad app, a new video game or a day at the movies complete with supersized popcorn and pop. Continue reading


fall issue sneak peek!

It feels like the summer completely flew by, doesn’t it? Our feelings must ring slightly true because a new XYZ is ready to hit the mailboxes/streets/community activities in just a few short days and we could not be more pleased with the final product. Because we love you so much, dear readers, we want to offer you a small glimpse of the “spectacular”ness that is our fall issue! Continue reading


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